Reformatting the framework that enables the effective implementation of ideas and innovations

Our Belief

With technology on rise as the leading solution to Africa’s mounting challenges, we at ReThink Mindset are carving out unique territory within the tech Ecosystem. Recognizing the importance of the mind and its role to effectively implement, sustain and grow the emerging technologies, we have decide to develop a comprehensive mindset development program called the Rethink MindTech.

About The Program

This program is design to evaluate participants’ current mindset in the light of the conscious awareness of purpose, potential and principles, and if necessary, reformat its framework of ideas that enable the effective implementation of ideas and innovations with a greater level of sustainability and growth.

The Mind Tech Emergent Africa Leadership Development Center

The Emerge Africa Leadership Center (EALDC) is a part of the MindTech Global Outreach Economic Initiative (GOEInitiative), with an underlying focus on mindset transformational leadership.


To facilitate unique and intentional experiential opportunities to develop youths ' sense of self and their potential to lead in their area of gifting.


Young men and women discovering their purpose and working in a collaborative environment to positively transform their lives, communities and nation.

EALDC Activities


The center will develop course materials to train youths the skills they can use to gain employment or start a business


offer weekly, monthly seminars or workshops to educate, motivate, and inspire youths to develop mindsets that helps them realize their dreams.


Host public expositions in an effort to bring the community and businesses together to enhanced opportunities, attract investment and investors, educate, provide services, products, and talent recruiting


Center will seek to develop an incubation and mentorship program in collaboration with business leaders in the community to serve as mentors and coaches to young entrepreneurs


Center will be equipped with resources (print materials and technology, internet access) necessary to enable and facilitate learning.


Center will partner with entities that provide skilling and up-skilling in technology to enhance job creation and employment


Center seeks to graduate into the economy, 10 entrepreneurs the first year to start, and will go up in increments of five startups each year for the next 5 years


Center will develop and implement a short course on Biblical studies to enhance the understanding of key principles of purpose and success as designed by the creator (the manufacturer).

How we help

For a one time download of a MindTech Software, you can have the opportunity to reboot and upgrade your mind-drive to take full advantage of the the framework to successful implement your purpose, ideas and innovation. We also offer you access to our premium membership club that comes with monthly servicing and mindware updates that gives you the peace of mind that you need to keep your MindTech ready to innovate and scale tech opportunities.